The digital signal processor has become an...


The digital signal processor has become an indispensable part of the world of music reproduction. Without noticing it, signals are "prepared" in such a way that we come ever closer to the original. Whether in the car or in the cinema and of course with live music in the club or on stage. The computer and digital electronics have massively changed the hi-fi world. In the ideal case, only the loudspeaker is analog. Everything else remains digital.

Blue planet acoustic was one of the first companies in the hi-fi sector to have a DSP for bass management (today room correction) in sales. The OmnesAudio DBC12 was modern to use with software and of course had a remote control. We are working on a new version of this legendary device.

We have had miniDSP in our program since 2013.
The core of the products is the digital signal processor (DSP). This makes various concepts possible:
- Crossovers
- Equalizer
- Digital FIR filters
- DIRAC Live room correction 

< strong>The areas of application are diverse:
- DIY speaker construction
- Car Hifi
- Commercial solutions for studio monitors
- Electrical room correction (commercial and private)
- Home cinema: individual settings of the individual channels

The EU law on the placing on the market, taking back and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment – ​​or “Electrical Act” (ElektroG) for short – forces us to sell all miniDSP products in the EU (except Germany) only permitted for the following area of ​​application:.

- Car Hifi
- Fixed installations
- Commercial application

Spatial equalization at the highest level: Introducing the...

Flex Serie... universal Vorverstärker, Frequenzweiche und...

Here you will find the DIRAC LIVE room correction and of course...

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