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The digital signal processor has become an integral part of the world of music playback. Without realizing it, signals are "prepared" that we come closer and closer to the original. Whether in the car or in the cinema and of course with live music in the club or stage. The computer or digital electronics has massively changed the HiFi world. In the ideal case, only the speaker is analog. Everything else remains digital.

We have been distributing DSP products for over 10 years. Since 2013 we have small, fine devices of the company miniDSP in the program. This company differs from the competition by:
- easy to use
- Apple is supported as well as the Windows PC
- High tech. miniDSP is one of the few companies that have implemented DIRAC on hardware
- Price: normal prices are calculated. You do not pay the usual hi-fi surcharge

Core ofhe Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This allows different concepts:
- Crossovers
- Equalizer
- Digital FIR filters

The areas of application are manifold:
- DIY speaker construction
- Car Hifi
- Commercial solutions for studio monitors
- Electrical room correction (commercial and private)
- Home cinema: individual setting of the individual channels

.... and much more.

So: Digital signal processing at a high level for little money in compact and above all thought-out solutions.

The law on the placing on the market, taking back and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment - in short the "ElektroG" (ElektroG) of the EU forces us to discontinue the sale of all miniDSP products in the EU (except Germany).

Exceptions are:

- Car Hifi

- Fixed installations

- Commercial Targets Application (reseller)

Spatial equalization at the highest level: Introducing the...

Flex Serie... universal Vorverstärker, Frequenzweiche und...

Here you will find the DIRAC LIVE room correction and of course...

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