Speaker DIY

Plug and Play Loudspeaker DIY is popular!

Who does not want to swim in money like Dagobert Duck ? Or my house, my car, my yacht!

Do not worry about the money, cool high-end speakers are available at Blue Planet Acoustic even for small money!

Be smart and build your own loudspeakers! Just order the right speaker kit for you with the matching Plug & Play case (on request) and the fine ingredients for your individual listening pleasure and everything from one source !

In keeping with our philosophy of 3-dimensional sound reproduction, fascinatingly close to the original, we have been delivering the highest product quality for pure music enjoyment for 13 years!
With passion and our sophisticated technical know-how, we develop and improve, together with our producers, among others, the high-class brand Tang Band from Taiwan, our own Omnes Audio speaker chassis and kits in High Definition Quality!from Blue Planet Acoustic have one thing in common: absolute space and musicality at an excellent price / performance ratio.
Under Omnes Audio you will find ready-made kits, chassis and now also our first ready-made hi-fi box, the Omnes Audio Monitor No. 5, just in case you do not want to lend a hand!
So, sound up your life with Blue Planet Acoustic and do not worry about the money!

Our speaker kits include:

  • Selected speaker chassis
  • High quality crossover components from Mundorf or equivalent suppliers
  • Detailed blueprint for housing and crossover
  • High quality screws

Depending on the kit:

  • Bass reflex tube and insulation material
  • Terminals or terminals
  • electric wire

You can buy the required wood from the carpenter you trust or from a well-stocked hardware store.

All kits are sold under the Omnes Audio brand.

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