Home cinema set

Here you will find speakers for Cinema and Surround!

Home theater or simply speakers for the "TV". Here you will find some compilations for the "private" home cinema. I.e. for the normal living room.
For the ambitious semi-professional home theater farmer, we offer a separate consultation.
Soon more also in the store.

Basically, one distinguishes:

- Home theater in the living room: here regular stereo speakers with subwoofer are used. Hifi chassis are sufficient.

- Semi-professional home cinema: a special room is available, from 40 square meters. Use of professional loudspeakers with high efficiency to meet the dynamics. Hifi drivers are completely overtaxed here. In the high tone, appropriate pressure chamber drivers or line arrays are used.

Why build your own loudspeakers?
If you like to listen to music, you will quickly realize that the speakers are responsible for the good sound. Neither CD player/streamer nor amplifier have such an influence on the quality of the reproduction.
But: Good loudspeakers are still very expensive.
In addition, even in very expensive speakers, sometimes, technically inferior goods are installed, which are only visually convincing.
Exactly there is the advantage of self-built speakers:

-Open Source: You get all the circuits and data sheets of the chassis.

-The appearance can be determined by yourself

-High End at affordable Prices

-Even if a carpenter builds the cabinets, the quality of reproduction is much better than from equally expensive ready-made speakers.

Our speaker kits include:


-crossover components

-Building plan (download)


-terminals or terminals

-if needed Bass reflex tube and damping material


We generally do not supply wood with our kits.

All kits are sold under the Omnes Audio brand.


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